Thursday, July 10, 2008

Unbelievable... oh, wait...if you are a parent, you need to know this

Well, getting right to it (more on where I have been later) an amazing, incredulous agenda floated out there the other day that all parents should be warned about. Drugs that are peddled to adults are just as dandy for children! Here

There are a lot of things wrong with this. The first thing being that often the issues at hand that they claim these drugs (oh, and lowfat milk) could address can in most cases be handled with diet and exercise (or would that just be, I don't know, too easy?). We are indeed in a crazy world when we consistently look to drugs for the cures of things we create due to our own personal negligence. And before people start to claim that all the onslaught of obesity in this country is due to genes (yes, it is, sometimes), please take the time to read about the information that has been building explaining why the lowfat craze, even the trusty 'food guide pyramid' has been so bad for us. That, and the fashionable habit nowadays of sitting around in front of our computers all the time.

Luckily, some medical professionals are willing to talk some sense about it.
Read about here

The anecdote? Get outside. Run, walk, breath deep and maybe play hopscotch. Laugh until your sides bust as you ride with your kids down the slide. Eat in moderation, and consider that maybe you don't need the super-sizes, or the Red Bulls, or even (gasp!) grain. Educate yourself about the history of diet -- what our ancestors ate, what we are designed to eat, and why. And the revolution of agriculture, the industrial era, and how these things have effected our diets, our way of life. Seems like a lot, I know. There are a lot of books out there if you are curious. I'll make a list of some that are worth reading.

More info/comments to come...

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