Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What's Goin' On: lies we've been fed about food; Part One of a smallish rant

Check it out -- a user-friendly blurb about the latest buzz in regard to food. Or rather, what we eat and why it's bad for you. I haven't followed the food pyramid guidelines for a few years now, and this helps to explain some of the reasons why:

Human nature is such that we easily start to believe-- trust, even-- something that we have been told again and again, whether it is true or not. Familiarity breeds comfort. Even when there is mounting evidence for years that something ain't right, we trust what we have grown comfortable with. One of these things is that grains are necessary and good (great!) for us, another is that saturated fat is bad (awful!) for us. Remember before you scoff at this-- we also were told for generations that hydrogenated oils were fine (great!) for us. If you've been keeping up on the latest news in food lately, we now know that this is absolutely not true. Whole foods are best, chemical or processed foods are bad (BAD!).

(Case in point: Have you ever thought about why there is the phenomenal rise in auto-immune disorders? Heart disease? Autism? For brevity I'm slopping these all together, but my point is that we are indeed what we eat. And most of us grew up on processed, chemical based food. Which our bodies treat as foreign and therefore have to try and fight to get rid of it, since it is not designed to process it... and this, coupled with all the environmental toxins we are also exposed to but the body cannot process leads to inflammatory issues and various diseases such as those I just listed... whew...taking a breath, here...but I digress...)

It gets really scary, though, when we assume "experts" are telling us the truth: often, they are either offering their agenda as truth, or they are merely presenting a hypothesis that we want to be truth. In the first case shame on them-- in the second case, shame on us (well, in both cases, really - -buyer beware and all). The food pyramid has been touted for decades as the Golder Rule, although with new information they recently "updated" it. This is because They understand more now than They did before. Be clear here: our science is only as good as the questions we are capable of asking. And if we aren't even bothering to ask more questions, how can we know that our original question was sufficient? In the case of food, more and more people for instance are coming up with Celiac disease. More and more people are having issues with wheat. So now, we are asking more questions. We are finding that maybe grains aren't the next best thing as, sliced bread. Maybe we are wrong about the Greatness of Grains, eh? And maybe it is worth considering that we are wrong about saturated fats as well.

Can you tell I'm a bit of a rebel? Or maybe I'm smart -- you decide, research all of this for yourself, don't take my word for it.This is the so-called Age of Information, but is it the Age of Knowledge? Can it be? I believe so. More than ever, it is essential that we educate ourselves in order to have the knowledge to make the best choices for ourselves, for our families. With the onslaught of cloning animals on the horizon and on your dinner menu-- and GMO's already found at your local market-- we need to wake up and pay more attention. And it's not about more regulation to protect us from ourselves (which is insulting at best) it's about simply not buying into it. Literally.

I didn't mean for this to sound like a rant, but there you go. I'm feeling a bit saucy today!

What do you think?

Eat well,

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